by Dick Onarecker

The Emancipation Proclamation of Jesus
Dick Onarecker
Luke 4:18-21

The question is not whether it was a missile or a bomb. The real question is do you know what is happening in the world? The book of Ephesians tells us we are in the middle of a cosmic conflict: a battle between the forces of evil and the forces of righteousness; a battle between the armies of heaven and the legions of hell. The book of Revelation tells us that as the clock of the ages moves closer to the hour of midnight for this world, there will be a frightening increase in the activities of demons in this world.

It is as though a huge can of evil paint has been poured out at the top of the world and, as the ominous color of terror begins to spread, every life on earth is being touched and tainted by the stain. We, in the United States, somehow felt we could always watch the pain and suffering on our television screens as it took place somewhere else in this world; that somehow we were insulated from the stark terror being experienced in other parts of our world.

There has always been pain and suffering in the world, and in fact, those things have always touched all of our lives in some way. But now, those things are being defined by a new intensity, the result is going to be a growing wave of people who are beginning a quest for hope and healing and deliverance. Because of man's hatred and bitterness and cruelty, the real church of Jesus Christ will now begin to have the greatest opportunity to minister hope and healing since Pentecost.

All of you will be touched by pain and suffering, and it is going to become more apparent to you than ever before about how to deal with pain. There is victory and deliverance. The relief doesn't come from pills out of a bottle.

Not one of you will escape pain. It may be pain caused by others. It may be pain you feel for others. The question is not whether you will experience pain in your life: the question is -- How will you deal ...

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