by Dick Onarecker

Your Red Sea Experience
Dr. Dick Onarecker
Mark 3:1-5; Hebrews 11:23-29

What would you rather die than do? What do you admire in others, yet would never considering doing yourself? You would rather "die first." There was a man in a small rural community who never walked through the door of a church. When the pastor went to see him, he literally ran him out the door. Everyone figured he must be the most hateful and stubborn individual in the whole town. In fact, everyone was afraid to even talk to this man, especially about the Lord. The pastor suggested to one of the deacons that they go talk with this man about his need to become a Christian. The deacon looked at the pastor and said, "Man, are you kidding? I'd rather die first."

Later on, the church invited a well-known evangelist to preach a crusade in the area. The evangelist was a "no-nonsense" sort of preacher who simply declared the gospel of salvation and discipleship and left each individual to accept or reject the truth. The evangelist went to a store to buy toothpaste, and while he was there he saw this man everyone was avoiding. He said, "Hi. My name is Mike, and I'm a Christian. What's your name, and have you been born-again?" At first the man was caught completely off-guard by the evangelist, but he quickly collected his thoughts, and cursed the evangelist for being so nosey. Without hesitating for one minute, the evangelist said, "It must be terrible to be as frightened and unhappy as you are. Is it that you think you are too big a sinner for Christ to save?"

Almost in an instant the man broke down and cried. He told the evangelist how ashamed and embarrassed he was about his life. Soon he was praying with the evangelist and asked Jesus into his heart, and to forgive his sin. The evangelist looked the man in the eye, and told him he expected to see the man make these decisions public at the crusade that same night. The man looked up sadly, and said, "Oh no; I could nev ...

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