by Dick Onarecker

The Church: Our Ark
Dr. Dick Onarecker
Matthew 24:37-39; II Timothy 3:1-5

God caused Noah to begin building an ark to carry the righteous through safely in a time of universal judgment. The judgment came and the ark of God was sufficient to the salvation of every soul on board. The ark of God did not take those eight righteous souls out of the reach of God's judgment, but carried them safely through. In the New Testament, Jesus tells us that there is another time of universal judgment coming to the earth. It is the final judgment before the close of this age. Jesus Himself has built the ark for the salvation of the faithful; and He purchased it with His own blood. It is called the church of Jesus Christ.

We are right now perched precariously on the very edge events that could usher in the LAST days. Scripture describes a time when men will beg the mountains and rocks to fall on them and kill them. They just want relief, but death won't come.

The Ark of God has been established on earth to carry the righteous and faithful through to final glory. When the Savior splits the eastern sky, the ark is carried up to meet Him in the sky as He returns to earth. The ark is the Church of Jesus Christ.

There is an ark visible, and an ark invisible. There is the church invisible and the church visible. Jesus told us that the wheat would be among the tares, or weeds. Jesus knows "who is who!" He knows whose we are. He says His sheep hear His voice.

We are also told that in the last days there will be imposters who attempt to board and destroy the ark from within. There will be those who think they have a place reserved on-board the ark but will find out the truth when God Himself shuts the door, and they finds themselves left out. The only way in is to accept the truth, and repent.

II Timothy 3:1-5

First, be sure of your position in the ark of God. Paul is writing about the future. He is dealing with the predictions of the last day ...

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