by Dick Onarecker

After These Things...Your Blessing Is in the Bush
Dr. Dick Onarecker
Genesis 21:1-17

When did you say, "after this"? Was it, "After this, I will never do that again?" or, "After this, I'll know better next time," or, "After this I'll understand"? After this... after this... When did you say that? Think about the event that caused you to think: after this.

This passage summarizes a journey to spiritual maturity and the blessing of seeing God's activity in a single life. It can be the guide to a place of increased spiritual maturity for you. It may lead you to recognize the particular blessing of witnessing the visible activity of god in your life. Each step is significant.

First, memorable events can be God's particular preparation for your spiritual awakening. In verse 1 you see the declaration "after these thing." After what things? Abraham had gone through nine great trials. Each one was a memorable event: a remarkable experience; a searching experience. God was guiding Abraham from his homeland, through a strange land, to an ordained land!!

God had guided this single man to this single place in this chosen hour. God Himself spoke to Abraham. It was the personal involvement and activity of God in the life of one individual man. Even though this entire world system rebels against God, He is active in world history and events to bring this world to this singular point in history. Those who have any spiritual sensitivity are aware that prophesies uttered by God through men thousands of years ago are being perfectly fulfilled. It all demonstrates God is on His Throne.

God has brought our nation to this decisive moment in history, even though our nation enacted laws that deny and defy Him. We face a national choice. However, God not only acts on the events of nations and powers. He operates upon individual lives of men and women, youth and children. Each of you came through circumstances, confrontations, and events to this very ...

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