by Dick Onarecker

Lot Lingered: The Cost of Lingering When God Speaks
Dr. Dick Onarecker
Genesis 19:12-16


Abraham was a called man of God who was on his way to the land of Canaan. He was like the "head man" in a Biblical wagon train. Abraham had his family with him, his servants, and his nephew named Lot. In the absence of any children, Abraham regarded Lot similar to a favored son. Abraham had a special love for Lot, and made sure Lot was close by his side all the time.

While they were together Abraham led in worship, and Lot took part at the altar. There was no inconvenience connected to worship for Lot, because Abraham was a wealthy man. He had huge flocks of sheep and herds of livestock. Lot was along for the ride - - he enjoyed a comfortable life. Abraham took time each day to commune with God; to thank God for leading him, and to thank God for such abundant provision. While Abraham was thanking God for the rich blessing, Lot was thanking God for blessing Abraham too (because Lot was freeloading on Abraham's blessing while he himself was in spiritual poverty)!!

As a pastor, I often have people come to me seeking help. Some really want only a "hand-out"; not help. When someone comes to me asking money, I first try to establish their immediate needs, and then try to make sure that they have a means of supporting themselves regarding future needs. I found that some people gladly receive money, but want no part of a job. These are people content to linger in poverty. Haven't you known people who were content to linger in poverty?

Some people participate in religious activities because they need help. They are content to be around others who are blessed, and accept the crumbs scattered around. Some ask for prayer every day because they don't pray for themselves. They are content to linger in spiritual poverty. People leave worship services each week, torn; under conviction of the Holy Spirit; being drawn in God's direction for their li ...

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