by Dick Onarecker

God, I Need a Miracle
Dr. Dick Onarecker
II Kings 4:1-7

Have you been in a situation or circumstance where only a miracle could help? Have you said, "God, I need a miracle!"

Christians live in two worlds at the same time. One is a world of common sense and worldly values: a logic that attempts to pull you down to its level. This world is familiar to us, as we were physically born into this world. However, when a person becomes a Christian, he is born again. Few Christians seem to understand the present value of being born-again. It means you were born out of bondage to sin and degradation, worthless philosophies, and the world of limitation. You were born into the world of divine reality: limitless opportunity in the Kingdom of God. You are a new creation. You are a child of the King; royalty. You were born again by faith, and now you may live and act by faith.

A world of common sense and logic denies and disregards the truth of scripture. Sense, common to all lost men, does not recognize or even realize the riches of the Kingdom of God. The culture around us tries to "squeeze us into their own mold" and convince us to live by their same logic and viewpoint. This is more than wrong - - it is dead wrong. The believer's source of supply is not of this world. What does this world's system offer? It offers delusion, deception, frustration, scars and hopelessness. Anguish without remedy, and death.

If you are honestly ready to say, "God, I need a miracle," you must also be ready to recognize Jesus Christ as your total source of supply. Jesus is the same in us as He is in heaven. When He enters your life, He brings the total divine wealth of Heaven; emotional, physical, material, spiritual wealth. You are entitled to live in the realm and reach of Jesus Christ.

God teaches there is a life of divine wealth available to you. He offers a life of restoration, a life of sufficiency and fullness. God does not promise to make every beli ...

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