by Gerald Rodgers

The Problem of Spiritual Destiny
Rev. Gerald Rodgers
1 John 3:2

INTR: Perhaps no one lives by the calendar as much as the farmer does. Each season brings a task that can't be put off. Spring's melting snow and thawing ground won't wait for a convenient time to plant; summer's furrying insects demand daily combat; autumn's warm air brings a harvest that won't wait and winter's chilly breath brings its own set of emergencies. Farmers must be sensitive to changing seasons or else the entire harvest could be lost. Unlike the farmer however the Christian is often sadly insensitive to the brisk words of God's end time calendar. We don't seem to realize that time is gliding swiftly by and will soon run out for all of us. The older we get we should be thinking more about where we will spend eternity. We know and indeed we are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are going to heaven to be with Christ for ever. After all we have the Lord's own promise in Jn 14. 'And if I go ... be also'. The apostle John confirms these words in 1Jn 3:2. Problem with spiritual destiny? Speaks about 3 things


'Beloved ... God'. The apostle is writing here about the single greatest privilege in this world that anyone can know. Not every pedigree comes under the category John mentions here -- sons of God. Some people have a background they would rather forget. Many have not saints but taints in their blood. But today we can rejoice in our heavenly hereditary. There is no distinction or dignity worthy to be compared with it. If one knows that God is his father, that he is loved with an everlasting love, that divine life is flowing in his veins and that he is an heir to all that God possesses he can never demean himself again. Notice what John is speaking about here.

1. Something Cherished. He begins with the word 'beloved'. This is a word that was first used in the NT by God Himself to describe His Son. Matt 3:17 And lo a voice from he ...

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