by Richard Laue

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Faith Tested by People (6 of 17)
Series: The Epistle of James
Richard Laue
James 2:1-13

I am finally discovering why so many scholars, teach-ers and preachers are not overly excited about the Book of James. The other day I went through my sermon file and discovered that in 30 years of preaching I have only preached from James two or three times until this series. Why? Because it is a book of tests! It is one test after another. This little letter is a constant testing of our faith.

Our faith is tested by trials ...
Our faith is tested by the tongue ...
Our faith is tested by works ...
Our faith is tested by judgment ...
Our faith is tested by sickness ...

On and on it goes, and here in chapter two our faith is tested by people.

The last eight months we have personally gone through test after test. Who wants to go to school, if the teacher gives you a test everyday? But you see, the test reveals if you are learning anything. When I first took Greek in college, I was apprehensive. Then I really was concerned when the professor said, "At the end of each class session we will have an exam." I just knew right then and there that I would flunk the course. But I studied hard, pouring over that Greek grammar every spare minute, because I knew the test was coming - four of them every week. The result was I did well in Greek. I did well because I knew the test was coming!

Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, we have never been tested as we are being tested now. The purpose of the test is to see if we are learning anything. We are at the point where we are saying, "What's next, Lord?"

The other day, the Lord didn't speak to me, but He gave me this most definitely. He impressed upon me, "If you are a son, if you are My child, there are two things I will do. I will discipline you, and I will defend you." "Every son He scourges." If we are the children of God, He is going to test us, discipline us. If we are the children of God, He is going to defend us. ...

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