by Richard Laue

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How to Understand Trials (3 of 17)
Series: The Epistle of James
Richard Laue
James 1:16-21

The message today begins with a warning, (verse 16), "Do not err my beloved brethren." That word "err" means to wander. NAS translates it "deceived." Do not be deceived. The Living Bible - "Don't be misled." J. B. Phillips - "Don't make a mistake." Literally, it means "don't make an error now." It is the last of the ninth inning - don't throw away the game.

Don't make a mistake about what? "Do not err, my beloved brethren." (Concerning trials.) Don't make a mistake about lust, sin and death. Don't make a mistake about trials and how they come upon us. Don't make a mistake. We are to ...

1. Consider it with joy.
2. Ride it out with patience.
3. Pray it through.
4. Endure it for the crown.
5. Evaluate it for understanding.

Now today we build on this understanding that the Lord wants us to have. God gives to those who "ask" a great understanding about what they are going through. Here is how we keep from making a mistake in judgment about problems, trials, suffering, persecution.

Notice that these are "beloved brethren." Back in verse two they were just "my brethren."

Now they are "beloved brethren." Notice that term is used also in 1:19 and 2:5. When we are suffering, tribulating, we need to be loved by the brethren even more. "Brethren" is "Adelphos," which means "all from the same womb." We are to go through these trials and sufferings together. We are beloved brethren, brothers and sisters from the same Spiritual womb. Other believers are not ever our enemy. We are beloved brethren, even if we don't always agree. You have to love me, folks: I am your beloved brother.

Verse 17 says there is a "good gift," a "perfect gift. " Now what gift is that? Is the trial the gift? No! Absolutely not! The only gift that it can be is the one, the only one, that is mentioned in the chapter. What is that? It is wisdom, is it not? Verse 5 ... "If any of you lack wi ...

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