by Richard Laue

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Walking in the Light Tested by Belief (4 of 9)
(By recognizing the anti-Christ for who he is)
Richard Laue
I John 2:18-28

So far in I John we have considered the tests of life, which are four ... Revelation, Manifestation, Participation, and Anticipation. We have considered fellowship tested by the believer's walk. To walk in the light is to do five things: Confess sin as guilt, confess sin as fact, keep his commandments, keep His Word, and walk as Christ walked. Last week, we considered walking in the light tested by love. We discovered two tests: Walking in the light is tested by our love for our brethren ... and ... Walking in the light is tested by not loving the world.

Today, we consider walking in the light tested by belief. The underlying theme is to be able to recognize Antichrist when he appears.

During World War II many people believed that Hitler was the Anti-Christ. After World War II many believed Joseph Stalin to be the Anti-Christ. In recent years some believed the Anti-Christ was Henry Kissinger. Some won't name him, but they believe he is living today. Some feel that he is already a religious leader, and he will soon become an international leader. Some who voted for Jimmy Carter now think him to be the Anti-Christ. All of this indicates that it is difficult to identify the AntiChrist. If we are looking for a person, it is difficult to identify him, but the Scriptures are clear in revealing characteristics of Anti-Christ. We know that there will be revealed the person of the Antichrist during the Tribulation, but we better wake up and watch and take a look at the Bible. John said, "Even now, there are many Anti-christs."

John said, "It is the last time." It has been the last time for 2,000 years. So things are later than we think. It is like the old farmer. His clock went crazy and struck 17 times. He poked his wife and said, "Get up, Honey. It is later than it has ever been before."

I Peter 4:7 ... The end of all things are at ha ...

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