by Richard Laue

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The Tests of Life (1 of 9)
(Or How God Did It So We Could Get In on It)
Richard Laue
I John 1:1-5

I John was written from Ephesus sometime after 80 A.D. This letter reveals a great struggle that was going on in the Church. Dangerous heresy called forth this letter. In this letter the deity of Christ is set forth and a severe condemnation is leveled at any and all who would deny the Deity.

All scholarship agrees that the author is the Apostle John, although his name is not attached to the letter. There is not much doubt that the same pen that wrote this letter wrote the Fourth Gospel. Before the year 66, John and other apostles were forced to leave Jerusalem because of the war that ended with the leveling of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. by Titus Vespasian and the destroying of the Jewish nation.

John made Ephesus his headquarters and worked from this as a center until he died at an advanced age about the year 100. He was buried at Ephesus.

The first great attack against the infant Church was outward. Physical suffering characterized the early years of the Church. However, the blood of the martyrs became the seed of the Church. The more the world, the flesh, and the devil attacked, the more the Church spread and grew.

The second great counterattack against the infant Church was a move to infiltrate the Church. This, through the centuries, has been Satan's most effective method. When the world moves into the Church, the Church is in trouble. I have a great concern for this church. God has blessed us and is blessing us. Souls are being saved, and believers are growing up in the Lord. We should be on guard because Satan wants to ruin the ministry, the testimony, and the outreach of this local body. Satan will do anything and use anybody to divide the Church. He knows Scripture ... "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

The false teaching that moved into the Church in the latter quarter of the First Century can briefly be summarized in three things.

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