by Richard Laue

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Blessed and Begotten (3 of 20)
Richard Laue
I Peter 1:3-6
February 2, 1997

A few years ago Tammy Faye Baker made famous a little chorus which said, "We're blessed." That was the total of it, "we're" blessed over and over again. That is true. We are blessed over and over again. The Lord blesses us.

But there is much more in the Bible about us blessing the Lord. We are to continually give blessing to the Lord.

The word, "blessed," here in I Peter 1:3 is a different word than the one used in the Sermon on the Mount. The word in the Sermon on the Mount is "makarios, " and it means "happy." The word used here by Peter is "eulogetos," and it means, "to speak well of." From this word we get the English, "eulogy."

Usually at funerals the eulogy is positive, and that is what this word, "blessed," means. Eulogy reminds me of a story.

Two brothers had terrorized a small town for decades. They were unfaithful to their wives, abusive to their children, and dishonest in business. The younger brother died unexpectedly.

The surviving brother went to the pastor of the local church. "I'd like you to conduct my brother's funeral," he said, "but it's important to me that during the service, you tell everyone my brother was a saint."

"But he was far from that, " the minister countered.

The wealthy brother pulled out his checkbook. "Reverend, I'm prepared to give $100,000 to your church. All I'm asking is that you publicly state that my brother was a saint."

On the day of the funeral, the pastor began his eulogy this way. "Everyone here knows that the deceased was a wicked man, a womanizer, and a drunk. He terrorized his employees and cheated on his taxes." Then he paused.

"But as evil and sinful as this man was, compared to his older brother, he was a saint!"

We are called to- bless the Lord. To speak well of the Lord our God. We are to bless Him and praise Him always and forever, as long as we live, and throughout eternity. ("Bless" means to speak w ...

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