by Harley Howard

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The Book of Joshua Chapter 20-21 (12 of 15)
Harley Howard

Read vss 1-6

This is the actual fulfillment of the instructions
that God gave to Israel before they crossed over the
Jordan. Numbers 35:6, 10-15 (read). The cities of
refuge, which were to be established after they
entered into Canaan, were for those who committed
accidental homicide. These six cities were established
so that the man who committed accidental homicide
would not be killed by the relative of the person
slain. The slayer was to stay alive in the city until
he was able to stand trial. Three cities were to be on
the east side of Jordan while the other three were to
be in Canaan. If a person killed a man with an object
intentionally he was called a murderer and was to be
put to death. No city of refuge would prevent him at
all from being killed by a member of the avenger's
family. If it was known that a person was hostile
against another man and if he ambushed that person and
killed him or committed premeditated murder he was to
be put to death. If a man died at the hands of
another, but not by premeditation, then the
congregation would examine the evidence and make a
judgment as to the man's punishment. If a person came
out of the city of refuge who killed another
accidentally and if the relative of the dead man
killed this person then he would be held guiltless
because the slayer should have stayed in the city of
refuge until the death of the high priest. After the
death of the high priest then the slayer was allowed
to go back to his possessions.

Read vss 7-9

Chapter 21

1 Then came near the heads of the fathers of the
Levites unto Eleazar the priest, and unto Joshua the
son of Nun, and unto the heads of the fathers of the
tribes of the children of Israel;

2 And they spake unto them at Shiloh in the land of
Canaan, saying, The LORD commanded by the hand of
Moses to give us cities to dwell in, with the subur ...

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