by Harley Howard

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The Book of Joshua Chapter 16-17 (10 of 15)
Harley Howard

Read Vss 1-3

It is evident that the tribe of Joseph received the
best of the land in beauty and in fertile soil. The
land they inherited was located in central Canaan.

Read Vss 4-10

North of the land alloted to Dan and Benjamin, was
land that was allocated to Ephraim which was from the
Jordan, to the Mediteranian sea and Shiloh. Some of
the land, as we saw previously, was located in the
territory of Manasseh. Motivated by materialism, in
spite of the fact that the Lord had already promised
to provide their needs, they were motivated by greed
and placed the Canaanites under tribute to get more
wealth. This was not God's plan.

I am of the opinion that our small violations of God's
plan, from our perspective, are viewed from Heaven
with a different point of view. Sometimes the little
compromises, or should I say, the acts of rebellion
against God's clear plan, may not appear to result in
any serious or immediate consequences. This is to our
own defeat. Because we do not suffer immediate
consequences does not mean that we will not experience
them, nor does it mean that we are not experiencing
them now, even if it seems that all is well. I can
assure you that whenever we decide to violate God's
clear plan, we are suffering the consequences right
then and in fact, greater consequences than we could

What am I saying? A life that has hindered fellowship
is already suffering grave consequences and the
results of that only prove that point. This is the
THIRD TIME the scriptures revealed that the people who
possessed the land failed to drive out the inhabitants
of the land. Other cities on the east of Jordan did
not exterminate the inhabitants of the land, as well
as the children of Judah who also failed to eliminate
the Jebusites from Jerusalem. We will see that those
cities who would not eliminate the Canaanites would
reg ...

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