by Harley Howard

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The Book of Joshua Chapter 9-10 (7 of 15)
Harley Howard

Read vss 1-5

Fresh out of victory of both Jericho and Ai, and the
spread of Joshua's fame as the leader of God's people,
now the enemies of God and of Israel devised a plan to
fight against Israel-until they heard what happened to
Ai. Now they realize that to attack Israel would be
fruitless, rather, they devised a plan to INCORPORATE
themselves with Israel, thus gaining their protection
from harm. Then not only would they be protected from
any attack from Israel but Israel would be obligated
to protect them in war as well. The plan was this, to
look like long traveled vagabonds or travelers, who
just who having heard of the hand of God towards
Israel, wanted to make peace with them, to become part
of some who were the strangers among Israel. So with
shrewdness and subtlety they took provisions of old
sackcloth on their donkeys and old sewn up wine
bottles, as well as worn out and patched shoes or
sandals, an old mantle, AND DRY AND MOLDY BREAD. This
was their deception. They wanted to appear as if they
were some long lost travelers who wanted to
incorporate themselves among the people of Israel.

Read vs 6

They made it clear that they wanted to make a covenant
or treaty with Israel.

Read vs 7

The men of Israel were very skeptic as they began to
probe with questions. They said, "Well, maybe you live
close to us so how or why should we make a covenant
with you?" This skepticism was warranted seeing that
the enemies of God were SURROUNDING them, why would
they want to make a covenant with their enemies?

8 And they said unto Joshua, We [are] thy servants.
And Joshua said unto them, Who [are] ye? and from
whence come ye?

They said, "we are your slaves, we are your subjects,
just make a league with us." Joshua comes and ask the
twofold question, "who are you and where do you come

9 And they said unto him, From a ver ...

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