by Harley Howard

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The Book of Joshua Chapter 3-4 (3 of 15)
Harley Howard

Read vs 1

Joshua strikes me as a man of action. He understood
that the work of the Lord needed courage and an
urgency about it. So many people never seem to
understand that the work of the Lord needs courage and
to be done in urgency. The land having been spied out,
the report of the spies and their praise of God's hand
in the matter, it was time to move in the land of
Canaan, first, at Jericho. They all got up before
daybreak, pulled up stakes, and headed the 7 miles
towards the Jordan river. Then, as they arrived at the
Jordan, they remained there three days as verse 2

Read vss 2-4

The people would rest for three days, probably to pass
word throughout the people of the instructions
concerning the crossing of the Jordan river. It also
was needed to organize the people for the crossing as
well. The people were in visible range of the Jordan
as well as the Promised Land. The comparison between
the first generation that came to this point and this
generation is quite striking. The first generation and
this generation both sent in spies. The first
generation, after acknowledging the truth of what the
Lord told them concerning the land, refused to go into
the land. This generation had no complaint, at least
for now. The first generation had two spies who
believed God and His word. The second generation had
two spies as well and they too believed God. Both men
were Godly leaders who were willing to believe God and
go into the land. Only this second generation, the
generation that was born from the unbelieving
generation, their parents, who were on the brink of
going into the land, but instead were killed in the
wilderness by God, this second generation, looking at
the land, were ready to go in.

This is an exciting moment in biblical history. The
Ark, where God's presence dwelt, was to precede their
march into Canaan. They w ...

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