by Harley Howard

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The Book of Joshua Chapter 2 (2 of 15)
Harley Howard

Read vs 1

It is interesting that Joshua, like Moses, sent spies
out to look at the land. Remember that Joshua is a
military leader and as a military leader, he is
looking into the best way to enter in the land. There
was nothing wrong with Joshua doing this at all. The
two spies went into the house of a harlot named Rahab.
There was not, and is not, any indication that these
two men had any intention of immorality in their
thinking. God sovereignly brought these two spies to
her home because she would embrace the God of Israel.

Read vs 2

No one knows how the king knew of the spies arrival,
but word got to him that these two men were in the

Read vs 3

I find it interesting that the king knew to go to
Rahab's house. There is no indication that there was
some door to door search to find these men, but the
king knew to go to Rahab's house. I find that
intriguing. It may have been because someone saw the
men go into her home and told the king about it, but I
don't know why the king knew to go to Rahab's house. I
find that quite interesting and I don't want to
speculate about it. The order from the king was that
she was to bring out the men that entered into her
home. This is clear evidence that someone saw and knew
that these 2 men went into her home and whoever saw
these 2 spies, brought the report to the king.

Read vs 4-5

Rahab said, "Yes, these two men came to my home, but
as far as where they came from, I don't know and I
don't know where they went. You better pursue them
before the city gates close and they escape." Much
speculation has been brought about as to the
activities of Rahab, whether lying is justified.
Obviously the answer is no. Lying is a sin and anyone
who would use this narrative to justify lying is
sinning. All of the "well, what if" questions mean
nothing. I have heard them all and they do not justify ...

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