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The Book of Joshua Chapter 1 (1 of 15)
Harley Howard


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The book of Joshua continues the saga of Israel's trek
to the promised land. It continues where Deuteronomy
has finished. We are first introduced to Joshua in
Exodus 17:9 as the military leader chosen to fight
Amalek. He continues to be shown throughout the pages
of scripture as a faithful servant of Moses as well as
the Lord. His faithfulness to Moses, his familiarity
with the people, their good side and bad, his
faithfulness to God to posses the land 40 years ago,
made this man the best candidate to replace Moses. The
theme is Israel's conquest of the land of Canaan.
Moses led them to the land. Joshua leads them into the
land. The book was written by Joshua with other
contributing editors, as we will see. You could
summarize the structure of this book in the following
chapter divisions:

1) Entering the land. Chapters 1-5
2) Overcoming or conquering the land. Chapters 6-12
3) Occupying or possessing the land. Chapters 13-24

The first chapter contains the commissioning of Joshua
for leadership. This is a very interesting chapter for
many reasons. First of all, Joshua was afraid of the
great responsibility. The Lord needed to remind him
that he didn't need to be fearful, but to trust the
Lord and to follow faithfully His word. Second, his
military campaign into Canaan would be sucessful, as
long as he, and the people, were obedient to the Lord
and His word.

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Notice the finality of the commandment. God stated
clearly and with great finality that Moses, my
servant, is DEAD. Moses' ministry is GONE, there's no
need to mourn, but to get up and to go into the land
that I gave them. There needed to be an immediate
departure into the land, especially after the death of
Moses. There was no time for delay, no time for
reminiscing on Moses, no time for memories, just the
need to go into the land.

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