by Harley Howard

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The Book of Leviticus Chapter 19 (10 of 14)
Harley Howard

This chapter deals with many subjects relating to
daily life.

Read vss 1-2

Again, the chapter begins with this great declaration
and preamble of God for the people to be holy because
God is holy. Keep this in mind again as a reminder.
This is God exercising His divine right as the creator
of the universe. He COMMANDS His professed people to
follow Him in HOLINESS. No one is following God AT
ALL whose life is not demonstrating holiness.
Holiness is not an option, it is not a denomination,
but it is a COMMAND FROM GOD. Frankly, I am TIRED
BEYOND WORDS today at the compromise of our glorious
God as many so-called Christians attempt in many ways
to bring God down to the level of man so as to justify
their shameful behavior. God consistently speaks in
the command mode and He means what He says. God does
not think as we do and His ways are not even REMOTELY
close to ours. Isaiah 55:6-9. God makes it clear
that we cannot bring God down in any wise to our
level. God is high and lifted up. He is holy,
forever, and the amazing truth is that He wants His
people to be holy unto Him because He is holy.

Now I can hear the nay-sayers crying out now, "well no
one's perfect." No one said anything about
perfection. They say, "well everyone sins." I didn't
say that no one on Earth didn't sin. Do you think
that these reasonings will INVALIDATE the command of
God for His people to be holy? No way. What God
commands His people, we can do and better do.

3 Ye shall fear every man his mother, and his father,
and keep my sabbaths: I am the LORD your God.

4 Turn ye not unto idols, nor make to yourselves
molten gods: I am the LORD your God.

Three of the Ten Commandments are reiterated in this
chapter as important to the worshipper of God. God
commanded respect to parents. If a son would so much
as curse father or mother, h ...

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