by Harley Howard

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The Book of Leviticus Chapters 14-15 (7 of 14)
Harley Howard

This chapter deals with the cleansing for leprosy.

Read vss 1-7

The cleansing symbolized the purification of the
leper, seen in the dead bird, and the symbol of the
man's freedom, as seen in the releasing of the live
bird. This was probably a public ceremony so that
those who knew the former victim as unclean could now,
through this ceremony, see that the man was
ceremonially clean. The hyssop was used in
purification ceremonies. (Psalm 51:7, for example)
It was also associated with scarlet wool.

Read vss 8-9

Then the person who was to be clean was to wash his
clothes, shave off all his hair and bathe, so that he
was able to come back in the camp, but he was to stay
outside of his tent for seven days. After the seven
days were over, he was to shave all his hair off from
his body, including his eyebrows, wash his clothes and
bathe again. Then he was clean.

Read vss 10-18

This is a very interesting ceremony and somewhat hard
to describe, at least its symbolic nature. The man
who was clean was to be brought before the Lord with
the appropriate sacrifices and the ceremony is almost
like an ordination rather than a normal sacrificial
service. The trespass offering was offered if a
person withheld to God that which was due Him. IE:
tithes, offerings. This was certainly true of the
leper. He was not able to participate in the services
at all because of his leprosy. When he was declared
clean, he was to offer up a trespass offering to atone
for what he did not offer up to the Lord, while
outside of the camp. In this offering of the trespass
offering, the 20% compensation penalty was waived.
Then some of the blood of the lamb was placed on the
ear, right big toe and right thumb of the clean man.
Oil was also placed on the same three parts of the man
and sprinkled before the Lord. Then he was anointed
with the o ...

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