by Harley Howard

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The Book of Leviticus Chapters 4-6 (2 of 14)
Harley Howard

Now we see the instructions concerning the sin

Read vss 1-2

The significant portion in this chapter is in these
verses as it relates to the instructions for the
sacrifice given for sins of ignorance. What were sins
of ignorance? Sins of IGNORANCE were sins that were
done UNINTENTIONALLY against the Lord's commands. The
sin offerings did not relate to sin or sinfulness in
general, but to particular manifestations of sin, to
distinct actions performed by individuals or by the
whole congregation. The distinct characteristic of
the sin is expressed in the term, IN ERROR. No sins
but those committed IN ERROR could be atoned by this
offering. Those committed with a high hand, (defiant
sinning, sin with a set purpose of being disobedient
to God) no offering could be brought by an individual.
A perfect example of this is found in Numbers 15:22-31

Read vss 3-35

The sin offerer was to give his offering according to
his status among the children of Israel. The priest
or the congregation presenting a sin offering they
were to offer a bull, without blemish, if a ruler or a
tribal head was to present this sin offering, he was
to offer up a male goat without blemish. If the
common people were to offer up a sacrifice the
individual was to offer up a female goat without
blemish. The preparations of the sacrifices of all
the offerer's were the same. The offerer's, the high
priest, the elders of the people whom they
represented, the ruler or tribal head, and the common
person, laid their hand upon the sacrifice, then kill
it. Then the priest took the offering and dipped his
finger in the blood and then splashed it seven times
before the veil that separated the holy place from the
holy of holies. He did this for the sacrifices that
were for himself and for the congregation. The other
sacrifices had no such in ...

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