by Harley Howard

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The Book Of Exodus Chapter 35 (25 of 26)
Harley Howard

Read vss 1-3

These verses give almost word for word what was
commanded in chapter 31:15. Since the Sabbath was
clearly the sign of the covenant that God made with
Israel, (31:16-17) its observance was crucial. In
verse three we see a restriction that is not recorded
elsewhere in the scriptures. The kindling of a fire is
still regarded by orthodox Jews as work and is
forbidden on the Sabbath, including lighting gas
stoves! So for those of you who make a big fuss about
keeping the Sabbath day, I certainty hope that you
didn't light any gas stoves today. I'm not trying to
be funny, I'm being orthodox here!

Read vss 4-9

Notice the first important truth concerning giving
right from the Old Testament, which has New Testament
applications and references. The offering must be
brought from a willing heart to the Lord. God is not
forcing anyone to give anything to His work. God wants
those who give to Him to give from a willing heart. If
it is not given from a willing heart, then don't give
it at all. There are some interesting facts concerning
the willing heart that gives to the Lord. First it is
a heart that is ready to give, voluntarily, and it
gives liberally and generously. The willing heart
speaks of the inward state of a person who gives. You
can give to the Lord, even a large amount, but not
from a heart that is willing inside. God commanded for
only those who were willing to do it. I believe that
this is the only money that God can bless His work
with. God is not commanding the unsaved or the
grumblers who profess to be Christians to do anything.
He's commanding the committed, those who love Him,
those with a willing heart to give to His work. Not
only did true giving begin with a willing heart but it
took commitment of one's own personal goods given to
the work of God.

Sometimes people give hand-me-downs, the second hand
stuff ...

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