by Harley Howard

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The Book Of Exodus Chapter 33-34 (24 of 26)
Harley Howard

Read vss 1-3

The last time we looked at chapter 32, we saw Moses
praying and interceding in behalf of the nation of
Israel because of their sinning before God. Though the
Lord plagued the people so that thousands died, the
Lord still answered Moses prayer and told him to go
with the people towards the promise land. A land
described as a land flowing with milk and honey. The
land was a prosperous land. God told Moses that He
would send an angel before them to drive out the
inhabitants already in the land. We have seen this in
chapter 23:27-30. God also said to Moses that He would
not dwell in their midst because He would be inclined
to destroy them because the people was a stiff-necked

Read vss 4-6

As a sign of mourning, the people stripped off the
ornaments, the items used by them in their sinning
against God. This was done by commandment more than
conscience. God still says that these people were
stiff-necked and would have been consumed in an
instant if they had not complied with what God had

Read vss 7-11

Moses erected the tent of meeting outside of the camp
and at a distance from the camp. It was a place where
the worshipper of God could go and meet the Lord. When
Moses entered into the tent, the pillar cloud
descended at its entrance and the Lord talked with
Moses. The people saw it and it caused worship among
the people. Everyone worshipped at their tents. Look
at the intimate relationship that Moses shared with
God in verse 11. Openness is the thought here. God
would speak to Moses clearly and openly. The
relationship that Moses and the Lord shared was one of
friendship. (Numbers 12:5-8, Deuteronomy 34:7-10)

I marvel that the God of this universe would want to
be a friend to anyone. I think of the scripture "what
is man that you are mindful of him?" But this shows
the extent of God's love for man t ...

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