by Harley Howard

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The Book Of Exodus Chapter 32 (23 of 26)
Harley Howard

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Now the scene switches from the glories of Mt. Sinai
to the dregs of sin in the camp. Moses had been on the
mountain for 40 days and the people grew weary of
waiting, thinking that something might have happened
to him that he would not come back to them. The people
gathered in mass and demanded that Aaron make them
gods to lead them on because they didn't know what had
happened to Moses and more than likely didn't care
what happened to him. I am of the opinion that the
people didn't make a kind suggestion to Aaron, but a
demand. Their rebellion against God is clearly seen
here. The real issue isn't Moses or Aaron, but between
the people and God Himself. The people had made a
covenant just a few short days ago to do whatsoever
God says for them to do and as I said before, these
people are not ready to do ANYTHING God commands
because their hearts are still back in Egypt. The
profession is easy to make. The promise to do God's
will is always easy to make, but without regeneration
it is IMPOSSIBLE to fulfill. Where do you think they
got the idea to make a golden calf? It was from their
life in Egypt.

A side note here, this shows me that just because the
majority of the people are in agreement about
something doesn't make it right. These people were in
rebellion against God and that's the PRIMARY issue
here. Also, it is clearly evident that the people had
no regard for Moses either or they would have trusted
his leadership. We are living in a time where the
people within many churches are content with weak,
ineffective leadership. It's leadership by the people
and for the people, but not from God.

Case in point? Look at Aaron, the high priest to be,
left in charge to attend to the needs of the people.
This man, looking at this crowd, may have been
intimidated by them, and decided to surrender to their
demands. That's no exc ...

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