by Harley Howard

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The Book Of Exodus Chapter 25 (19 of 26)
Harley Howard

Now comes the instructions for the building of the
tabernacle. The tabernacle symbolized God's presence
with His people. God would meet there with His chosen
leaders, and He would manifest His glory there. It was
also the place of worship.

Read vss 1-2

The materials for the tabernacle were from those with
willing hearts. They were voluntary offerings of the
people. Fortunately, the giving was more than enough.
So much so that Moses had to tell the people to stop.
I'm sure that's a problem that many churches never
face. Giving to God must begin with the right heart.
It must begin with a heart that is willingly to give
to God and as we will see, the work will get
accomplished for God. Why don't we all check out our
hearts and see if we do whatever we do willingly unto
the Lord and not because some pastor or preacher has
to stomp us to death to get us to do something? Giving
by guilt because of the pastor's constant misuse of
Malachi chapter 3 is wrong. We need to give to God out
of a willing heart.

Read vs 3

Metals were to be taken and the order is important. It
would appear that the order is from the best metals to
the least in value.

Read vss 4-5

Next there were three colors of yarn, blue, purple and
scarlet, then fine linen, which is what the Egyptians
excelled in, especially twined linen of many twisted
strands. Then you have goat's hair, ram skins, and
badger skins. Goat's hair was a very durable material
used not only for clothing, but for tents as well. It
was a hard wearing material that was rain resistant.
Ram skins were tanned to make the leather, badger
skins refer to the skins of either sea cows or
porpoise hides. Shittim wood, or Acacia trees, are
common in the Sinai peninsula and was a very durable
wood used for construction purposes.

6 Oil for the light, spices for anointing oil, and for
sweet incense,

T ...

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