by Harley Howard

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The Book Of Exodus Chapter 19 (14 of 26)
Harley Howard

From this chapter until the first ten chapters of the
book of Numbers contain the Mosaic law. The law of
Moses consisted of over 600 commandments which were
divided into three parts, the ceremonial, civil, and
criminal law. The law was given to govern the nation
ISRAEL, not the church as many erroneously believe.

Read vss 1-2

Exactly three months after Israel was delivered from
Egypt, the people camp in the uninhabited land of
Sinai before the mountain where Moses was originally
called by God. It is also important to note that God
fulfilled His word to Moses, that his arrival at Mt.
Sinai would be sign or a witness to him that what God
said, He was able to perform (3:11-12).

Read vss 3-4

God always continues to remind the nation Israel of
the great work that He had already wrought in the
plagues and destruction of Egypt. There was nothing
that Israel did to deserve God's gracious deliverance
at all.

Read vss 5-6

This isn't the first time that obedience to what God
said is commanded to the people. In chapter 15:26, God
promised that if the people kept His laws, statutes
and commandments, that God would not place any of the
plagues upon them as He did Egypt. God now sets and
establishes a covenant or a pledge with His people.
The promise is that if they would keep God's word,
they would be a special treasure to God above all
people on the Earth. The nation would be exalted above
all the nations on the Earth, if they kept His word
(Deut 7:1-11, 14:1-2, 26:16-19, Psalm 135:1-4).

It is clear that it has always been the desire of God
to bless Israel, but that was contingent on their
obedience to God's word. The principle is clear and it
is simple: obedience brings blessing from God,
disobedience brings chastening and judgment from God.
Israel was to be a kingdom of priests, with access
into His presence, being God's representati ...

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