by Harley Howard

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The Book Of Exodus Chapter 17-18 (13 of 26)
Harley Howard

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Here we go again. And what is the problem this time? A
problem with water? Didn't God already solve this
problem once before? Did they already forget what God
did with their lack of drinkable water before? Was it
that they could not remember? Was it that they had a
memory lapse? Did they have a repressed memory that
needed some psychological help? They were whining,
crying rebels against God. They could care less what
God had done yesterday; they needed God to do for them
right now. The attitudes are progressively worse with
the people. At Marah they just murmured against Moses,
Aaron and God. Now they chide with Moses. Their verbal
hostilities with Moses increases and is geared toward
violence. They were so much in rebellion against God
that they would have physically harmed Moses if they
could not have their way.

Entire churches are on the brink of violence if the
pastor doesn't give people what they want to hear. We
continue to underestimate the rebellion that is in our
hearts toward God. We keep looking for other reasons
to explain it away, but it all goes back to what the
scriptures say about us. That is why we refuse to look
in this Old Testament because we see ourselves in
Israel and we don't like the picture we see.

The people begin to argue, violently with Moses
demanding water and putting God to the test, demanding
proof from God. Is that attitude uncommon in our day?
Not at all. EXPECT your miracle. Go to God and TELL
Him what you want. You can go to God with His word and
remind God what He's promised you and He's OBLIGATED
to do what He said. What rubbish! What foolishness!
What absolute nonsense! What horrible rebellion
against God. When Satan attempted to lure Jesus into
demanding God's provision, Jesus told Satan in Matthew
chapter 4, thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God. In
other words, you don't pu ...

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