by Harley Howard

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The Book Of Exodus Chapter 16 (12 of 26)
Harley Howard

Read vss 1-2

Well it has been just one month since the children of
Israel left the land of Egypt and the murmurings
continue against Moses and Aaron (and God, though they
thought not). In the 15th chapter, it was water, now
it's hunger. No matter what God has already done for
them, no matter what God was currently doing with
them, for Israel it was not enough. I guess one of the
reasons why s many people will not study the Old
Testament is because we see much of ourselves in the
Old Testament. The complaining, the whining, the
murmurings against God and His leaders, the wanting to
go back into former sinful lifestyles. They are so
much like we are, their lives reflects on us like a
full length mirror, exposing everything that we refuse
to see. Notice that it wasn't just a few people who
were involved in the murmurings, but the whole
congregation. Hundreds of thousands of people, led by
splinter leadership factions, carried throughout the
entire multitude of people their dissatisfaction the
way things were being run.

Read vs 3

There are a number of despicable accusations and
implications in this verse that needs to be addressed.
First of all their implication that God would have
been better off killing them in Egypt was nothing
short of blasphemy. What difference would it make
WHERE you died if you wished for death? These folks
refused to believe God, but are they any different
than you or I when we gripe and complain against God?
This accusation is a direct attack on the integrity of

Second, they had ungodly desires. They began to
reminisce about the wonderful days in Egypt with all
of the pots of flesh, never mind the beatings of
course, we wouldn't want to ruin our wonderful
memories of our happy days in Egypt with the truth,
now would we? But ask yourself the question, are we
any different that they when we look back a ...

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