by Harley Howard

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The Book Of Exodus Chapter 10-11 (8 of 26)
Harley Howard

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Pharaoh continued to harden his heart and God, in
judgment, hardened it more. Continue to resist God's
will by your rebellion and sinning and as Paul makes
clear in ROMANS CHAPTER 1, God will give you up and
over to that sin or sins in judgment. Have you ever
talk to people who say, "I can't stop, I want to stop
sinning, but I can't, I'm bound to this thing and
cannot stop." It could very well be that you are
living the CONSEQUENCES of your rebellion against God
and because you refuse to come God's way, you have
been given over, IN JUDGMENT, to that sin or sins. You
have been given over to a REPROBRATE MIND, a mind that
cannot think like a rational mind should think. Keep
playing with sin, keep rebelling against God and watch
what God will do in judgment to your life. You cannot
win against the God of the universe.

Read vs 2

Remember that I said that the plagues were manifested
to Egypt so that the entire nation and the Pharaoh
would recognize who God is? I also said that the
plagues were for Israel to recognize God as well. This
verse confirms that. Keep that in mind because that's
going to be a constant theme in the history of Israel.
Unfortunately, it will be a point of God's chastening
hand AGAINST His own people because of their rebellion
and willful forgetfulness of God's display of His
mighty power while they were in Egypt. Keep it in

Read vs

How long, Pharaoh, will you refuse to humble yourself,
to be rid of your pride and arrogance, and let my
people go that they may serve Me?

Read vss 4-6

PLAGUE NUMBER EIGHT-LOCUST. The command is given again
to Pharaoh to let Israel go and now the warning is
given to Pharaoh of the consequences if he doesn't.
Everything that was left from the hailstorm, including
all the non-harvested grain, every tree, every piece
of vegetation will be gone. There will be s ...

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