by Harley Howard

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The Book Of Exodus Chapter 3 (3 of 26)
Harley Howard

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While Israel suffered at the hands of Egyptian
oppression, God was looking down upon their pain and
preparing a deliverer to bring his people out of the
bondage of Egypt. We have seen the remarkable rescue
of this man as a baby at the hands of the Pharaoh's
daughter. She had him weaned and then adopted him into
the culture of the Egyptian royal family. Then this
man grows up, has a great heart for his oppressed
people and wants to deliver them. This he thought the
people would understand, but they did not. It was not
time yet to be a deliverer, because there was a murder
on his hands and he fled from Egypt. It was not time
for him to be a deliverer because he didn't go to
God's school for learning. You don't take matters into
your own hands or operate on natural abilities, but
according to God's plan and purpose. When we see this
man, the deliverer 40 years after his running from
Egypt, we see him not as a leader of men, not as a
ruler in line for the throne, not as some great
rescuer, but just a shepherd, a shepherd not of men,
but of the flocks of his father-in-law, Jethro.

All of his natural strength is gone, his Egyptian
wisdom is gone, as well as his influence in the
Egyptian royal family. God has taken 40 YEARS to
develop this man and NOW he is ready to begin the
process of being God's deliverer. What qualifies him
now to lead God's people that did not qualify him
before? God has him prepared as a shepherd.

-- Have you ever noticed how some of God's greatest
deliverers shepherded flocks?

King David and Our Lord Jesus Christ, to name a few.
David shepherded flocks of sheep, Jesus, flocks of

-- The deliverer must have a SHEPHERD'S heart.

This does not mean that he's a man without
convictions. It means that he is a PROTECTOR of the
sheep. It means that he is a WATCHER of the sheep.
What else qualifies him? ...

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