by Harley Howard

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THE BOOK OF HEBREWS CHAPTER 1:1-2 - Introduction
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Harley Howard

Undoubtedly, the book of Hebrews is one of the
greatest books in the New Testament, and for many
reasons. It reveals, perhaps as no other single book
of the bible, the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ
and the fact that He is the fulfillment of everything
that the Old Testament covenant offered. In fact, not
only is Jesus the fulfillment of the everything the
Old Testament covenant offered, He offers a BETTER
testament, which was established upon BETTER promises.
It is the great exaltation of our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ that the author reveals to us. He lifts
up the sufficiency of the work of Christ and urges,
and warns, his readers that either they make full
commitment to Jesus Christ, or they will go back to
PERDITION. Jesus Christ is everything that these
Jewish readers needed. There was nothing in Judaism
that could surpass Christ and there is nothing today
that can either.

If I could give you the theme of this entire book, it
could be summarized in two statements:

1.) Jesus Christ is better than ANYTHING.

2.) Jesus Christ is better than ANYONE.

THE AUTHOR: Unknown. Many speculate either Paul,
Apollos, Luke or Barnabas wrote the letter although no
one knows for certain seeing there is none mentioned.
The predominant view is that the writer is Paul
although that could not be stated dogmatically. I take
the position that the author of the book was the
Apostle Paul. There are some things that we know about
the author:

- He was a friend of Timothy. (13:23)

- He was well versed in the Old Testament.

- The author used the same O.T. quotation that Paul
used on two occasions: The just shall live by faith.
(Hebrews 10:38, Galatians 3:11, Romans 1:17, Habbakuk

- The author wrote about "many things hard to be
understood" 5:11, while Peter said the same exact
thing about Paul in 2nd Peter 3:15-16 ...

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