by Harley Howard

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Paul's Epistle to the Philippians Chapter 4:1-7
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Harley Howard

1 Therefore, my brethren dearly beloved and longed
for, my joy and crown, so stand fast in the Lord, [my]
dearly beloved.

Paul concludes his thoughts that were given in chapter
3. Since the believer is in a race for the prize, and
that prize is Christ, and the reward is in Heaven, and
since the believers has to be mindful of the enemies
of the cross of Christ, and since God will one day
change us into the very image of Christ at His coming,
then while we are here, Paul said to these
Philippians, STAND FAST IN THE LORD. The believers
were to persevere, to persist and to remain standing
in Christ and the truth as they ran towards Heaven.

But let’s focus our attention on the language that
centers on his care for this church. First he called
them BRETHREN. These were genuine believers that Paul
wrote to and he knew it. These fellow believers were
united to another by the bond of affection.

Next, and twice in this verse, he called them DEARLY
BELOVED. This means, loved of God, and of Paul as
well. He loved this church; they meant so much to him
as all the other churches. He demonstrated his love
for them, not in some slaphappy, emotional tirade, but
in that he wanted them to grow and to focus on what
really mattered in life—Christ. He loved them by
making sure that they were taught the truth and that
those who ministered to them were of the same quality
as he was and those who were with him. He loved them
by warning them of the false teachers and their false
doctrines that encroached itself against the churches,
robbing them of their treasure in Christ. He loved
them by urging them, begging them, to follow Christ.
His love didn’t compromise the truth, for if he did
that he would be no more loving than the false
teachers he constantly warned them about. His love was
not sentiment, but substantive, and that spiritually ...

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