by Harley Howard

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Paul's Epistle to the Philippians Chapter 2:14-20
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Harley Howard

>> The Believer’s responsibility in a hostile world -
Philippians 2:15-18

On one of the local TV channels in the afternoons,
there is a very popular TV program called the Mighty
Morphin Power Rangers. Those who have watched the
program, pretty much know the dialogue, even if you
have watched only once. The summation of the program
is this: You have 6 high school teens that were chosen
and given powers to change into the MMPR’s. They were
chosen to combat the evil lord Zed and the host of
monsters at his disposal that are trying to destroy
the earth. That’s as far as I want to go with this
because we know that this is nothing more than TV
entertainment. Rational people know there is no lord
Zed, nor monsters, nor MMPR’s. It is simply FANTASY,
an imagination, nothing more, and nothing less.

Unfortunately for many professing believers, we choose
to live and dwell in our own world of fantasy. We
allow reality to be re-written in the vanity of our
own minds. The scriptures tells us what is real, and
how one who is a believer is to react in this reality,
but many choose to live in a dream state.

For example, God has clearly told us all about the
world’s system, this system of beliefs, dominated and
controlled by satan, that is against the believer, as
well as God and Godliness, yet many professing
believers ignore what God has said and decide to
create their own world of fantasy and imagination.
That all of the hostilities that are mentioned in the
scriptures that will come upon the believer who is
serious about serving Christ, is ITSELF the fantasy,
that all one must do is to be as capitulating and
compromising as possible to the enemies of God and we
can woo and win them to Christ.

Some time ago, I preached a series on, "WHAT IS THE
BIBLICAL CHURCH?" in which I clearly gave a partial
list of what the scriptures des ...

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