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The Epistle of Paul To The Galatians Chapter 3:6-14
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Harley Howard

Oh Foolish Galatians! Or How the Church is Duped!

6 Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted
to him for righteousness.

This is the first time in the letter that the name of
Abraham is introduced and may well be an indicator of
how deeply rooted the teaching of the Jewish religion
affected the Gentiles. Since the Gentiles were not
Jews by nature, as Paul already explained in the
second chapter, then the Galatians normally would not
be familiar with Abraham, unless he was explained to
them by the Jews. The familiarity in which Paul speaks
about Abraham to these Galatians, without explaining
who Abraham was to them, to me indicates that the
Galatians embraced Judaism with the same, if not
greater fervor than they did with grace. Abraham
means, "father of a multitude". He was the son of
Terah and the founder of the Jewish nation. Paul’s
point in brining up Abraham was clear. Since Abraham
was the founder of the JEWISH nation, then it was
important that the Gentiles understood that the
founder of the Jewish nation was NOT SAVED BY THE LAW,
BUT BY FAITH IN GOD, HIMSELF! In fact, Paul is quoting
from Genesis 15:6, which says,

And he (Abraham) believed in the LORD; and he
(God)counted it to him for righteousness.

Now let’s look at that Genesis passage for a moment.
Abraham believed in the Lord. Abraham had faith in God
and His promises. Abraham, trusted in the Lord, and
the perfect tense is used here in Hebrew to indicate
that Abraham’s faith in God was complete and
permanent. Now look at God’s response to Abraham’s
faith in Him. God counted it or God imputed
righteousness to Abraham. In simpler terms, Abraham
was saved by faith in God. Abraham, the founder and
the father of the Jews was justified by faith in God,
by God. This was the very same point that Paul made to
Jews and Gentiles in Romans 4:1-3.


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