by Harley Howard

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The Book of Acts Chapter 17 (32 of 44)
Dr. Harley Howard

Paul was one of the greatest men in scripture who have
ever lived. He was a man driven by a passion that is
seldom seen today. He was a man driven by passion to
preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

* Threats did not stop him.
* Beatings did not stop him.
* Stoning did not stop him.

Nothing could sway this great man from proclaiming the
message of the gospel of Jesus Christ until God was
finished with him.

If we could sum up the life of Paul in one statement
it would come from his own mouth when he said; "I
strived to preach the gospel". (Romans 15:20) The
word strive means that it was an honor to preach the
gospel. This was his chief goal for living. Unlike
most professing Christians who have no direction and
purpose in how God wants to control the life, Paul's
entire purpose and direction was to preach the gospel.

The glaring difference between Paul's chief desire and
our modern-day Christendom is obvious. Whereas Paul's
chief desire and goal in life was to proclaim Christ,
most professing Christians see the gospel as an
addition to their own agenda of life. They want to
see how it can serve them, how it can be incorporated
into their lives to make their life a little easier,
to bring them some happiness, some feeling of
direction in what their agenda states. They want to
see how the gospel can make them happy, give them
materialism when they need it, to benefit them. But
the Bible knows no such purpose for the gospel.
Understand that the gospel is not something that can
be joined or incorporated into our own agenda of life.
The gospel is not something that is used when we need
it. The gospel is life. The proclamation of the
gospel gives purpose to life, because the gospel is

One of the reasons why so many professing believers
live their lives in a vast desert of mediocrity is
because they do not ...

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