by Harley Howard

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The Book of Nehemiah Chapter 9 (9 of 13)
Harley Howard

1 Now in the twenty and fourth day of this month the
children of Israel were assembled with fasting, and
with sackclothes, and earth upon them.

The teaching of the word of God not only brought joy
to the hearts of the people, but brokenness and
confession over their sins. THIS IS GENUINE REVIVAL
BEHAVIOR. The feast of tabernacles concluded on the
22nd of the month and then on the 24th day of the
month, the people gathered in mass in repentance and
confession. They were fasting (mourning), and they
wore sackcloth or grain sacks, which was worn in
mourning or in humiliation with dirt upon themselves.
Look at how they viewed their sins BEFORE GOD and
that's the difference between how the Jew looked at
sin and how we look at it today. It was BEFORE GOD
that their sin affected them in the way that it did.
They mourned over their sin, they were humiliated over
them, because they saw their sin as it was BEFORE GOD!

>> If this type of open mourning and confession is not
seen in gatherings claiming revival, then there is no
revival going on in the place. This may well be one of
the most glaring evidences of an absence of revival in
the church today-an absence of an admission of
sinfulness before God and a brokenness over it!

2 And the seed of Israel separated themselves from all
strangers, and stood and confessed their sins, and the
iniquities of their fathers.

They separated themselves from all foreigners in
cleansing before God, and they stood in their place,
confessing their sins and the iniquities of their

There was separation from the world and all of those
in it for a time of dedication and moral purity before
God. Revival will do that.

3 And they stood up in their place, and read in the
book of the law of the LORD their God [one] fourth
part of the day; and [another] fourth part they
confessed, and worshipped the LORD ...

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