by Harley Howard

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The Book of Nehemiah Chapter 6 (6 of 13)
Harley Howard

1 Now it came to pass, when Sanballat, and Tobiah, and
Geshem the Arabian, and the rest of our enemies, heard
that I had builded the wall, and [that] there was no
breach left therein; (though at that time I had not
set up the doors upon the gates;)

The good news was that as the people focused on the
work that needed to be done, and remembered the Lord
and feared Him, rather than the enemy. The wall was
built and there was no breaches or gaps or places
where the wall could be broken through. However, the
work was not finished and the enemy did not cease his
attempts to hinder the work. Remember what I said
before, there are 2 means that the enemy uses to
hinder or destroy the work of God-FRONTAL ATTACKS AND
INFILTRATION. This chapter shows us the attempt at how
the enemy uses INFILTRATION to hinder the work.

2 That Sanballat and Geshem sent unto me, saying,
Come, let us meet together in [some one of] the
villages in the plain of Ono. But they thought to do
me mischief.

COMPROMISE was called by the enemies of God. If we
cannot stop the work directly, then let's get together
and have a talk about what you're doing. It's good to
talk, let's be friends, let's get together and
communicate, let's open a dialogue. Let's set up an
appointment. Let's do lunch, let's not meet around the
church, let's go away in private and have some dinner.
I want to SHARE some things with you. Nehemiah knew
that the intent was to injure him. Ono was about 19
miles from Jerusalem. This would have been the perfect
opportunity for these men to kill Nehemiah, lose the
body in the valley of Ono and then to attack the city
and destroy the work in his absence. WE do not need to
meet or contact people who are the enemies of the work
of God. I said it before and I'll say it again. Anyone
who will draw you away from the work and the
fellowship, who draw you away in s ...

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