by Harley Howard

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The Book of Nehemiah Introduction and Chapter 1
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Harley Howard

There are many works on revival today that one can
find throughout many a bookstore, and yet to this day,
there is no revival. I guess I am throwing my hat into
the fray in hopes that this study can shed some light
on the issue of revival.

There are some specific guidelines that I am taking in
this study and for some these guidelines may not
answer whatever questions that some may have on
revival. The reason this is so is that so many have
read so many different things about revival-except the
scriptures. When one simply introduces the scriptures
themselves without the opinions of the many, it tends
to lead to some dissatisfaction. I also realize that
there will be some who will disagree with my
conclusions because they probably will fly in the fact
of what many of us have been taught and led to
believe. That's a risk I am willing to take because it
is the truth of the scriptures that I am interested in
above all.

The primary source where this study will come from is
the book of Nehemiah. Also I want to study the revival
of the remnant of Israel going back to their homeland
to rebuild.

I am not going to address the various alleged revivals
in this country or anywhere else for that matter, that
is not my intention in teaching this series. I am
specifically looking at Israel and extracting
principles of what I consider true revival from the
book of Nehemiah.

As far as I am concerned, any writing(s) relative to
revival that do not cover in some serious depth the
scriptures is a waste of time and more than likely
some man-made or denominational concoction of
someone's empty reasonings. People who truly want
revival will go to the scriptures as the only guide to

First of all, I think it wise to define our terms. I
am sure that for many people, the word revival has
many different meanings. The word, reviva ...

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