by Harley Howard

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The Epistle To The Romans Chapter 3 (5 of 25)
Harley Howard

1 What advantage then hath the Jew? or what profit [is
there] of circumcision?

Now some who would listen to Paul from what he has
already stated in chapter 2, may come to this wrong
conclusion, "well since no one has ever kept the law
then what is the advantage of being part of God's
covenant people and having been partakers of His law?"
The issue at hand here is not that there was anything
wrong with being a Jew or having the law of God. The
issue here is a matter of what they did with the
privileges or light that God gave them. They were a
privileged people. They were privileged to have the
word of God. And that privilege was light to lead
them to the light of the Son of God to receive
salvation. That's the culmination of the privilege
the Jews had. Galatians 3:19-26

>> But spiritual privilege that does not lead one to
the will of God as its culmination is no better than
not having any privilege at all.

The privilege that the Jews possessed should have led
them to repentance and to Christ salvation. Instead,
rejection of God's privileges led them to hardness and
unrepentance of heart and a stored up wrath that was
continually being piled up every second of their

My friends, spiritual privilege that does not lead us,
or anyone who is blessed to have possession of it, to
the will of God as its culmination, is no better off
than a man or woman who has never had it. The fact
remains, and these verses testify to what I am going
to say, that the spiritual privilege that the Jews
had, and the spiritual privilege that we or any other
professing believer has or claims to have, if it is
not appropriated will be rejected. What did Paul say
in the 2nd chapter relative to those Jews who did not
follow the light of the truth that they possessed?

Great privilege is designed by God to cause anyone in

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