by Harley Howard

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The Epistle To The Romans Chapter 2:1-3 (3 of 25)
Harley Howard

A freshman in college started his first day of
classes. His professor was clearly an Atheist, and
started the day by saying the following:

"Students, is there anyone here who can see God? If
so, raise your hand. If there is anyone here who can
hear God, raise your hand. If there is anyone who can
smell God, raise your hand."

After a short pause, with no response from the
students, he concluded, "Since no one can see, smell
or hear God, there is no God."

A student then raised his hand and asked to address
the class. The student asked, "Students, can anyone
here see the professor's brain? Can anyone here hear
the professor's brain? Can anyone here smell the
professor's brain?"

After a short pause, he concluded, "Since no one can
see, hear, or smell the professor's brain, I conclude
that he has no brain!"

Obviously there is a God, the Creator, who has given
revelatory light of Himself, His eternal power and
deity, making all mankind without excuse for not
worshipping, honoring and thanking Him for who He is.
Even as you read Romans 1, we saw that God constantly
attempts to reveal Himself, with language, such as,
"and even as they did not like to retain God in their
knowledge". God continually reveals Himself to His
creation. But instead of giving God His due, men have
suppressed that truth and refuse to give Him the
worship, honor and thanksgiving due to Him and because
of that God has given men over in judgement to their

Now the moralist in chapter 2 would be in full
agreement with Paul of his judgment of the wicked
without question. But even more ironic than the
wholesale abandonment of God that Paul describes in
chapter 1, is the wholesale abandonment of God in
Romans 2. The moralist who would at an instant
criticize those wicked sinners in chapter 1, but under
the cloak of religion, ...

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