by Terry J. Hallock

Only God Can Save America
Pastor T. J. Hallock
Psalm 20
July 6, 2003

The title of this message, "Only God Can Save America", presumes two things. First, that America needs saving and second that only the God of the Bible can do so. In reference to the first may I remind you of threats that now face this nation -- both from the outside & from within.

We are still under threat from terrorist enemies who we now know intended to do more than attack the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001. A recently arrested member of their network had been scouting various sites for possible attack such as bridges, nuclear plants & significant social icons such as the Sears Tower in Chicago and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Even the most optimistic experts in national security suggest that total prevention of such attacks is impossible and that our concentration needs to be on responding to the aftermath of such catastrophes.

The threats that face us from without are dangerous enough but those that are rising from within may prove in the long run to be even more devastating. History shows us that empires such as Rome fell not so much because of attacks aimed at them from the outside but from social rot that grew unchecked on the inside.

In this nation social moralities long held as absolutes are now under direct frontal assault. The U. S. Supreme Court recently struck down the sodomy laws of the state of Texas meaning that it found that the state, representing the people's will, can no longer legislate the moral climate of this nation.

In a related and just as sinister event, Canada has now legalized gay marriages putting them on the same social and legal plane as marriages between a man and woman. The same forces at work in Canada are present here. It is not a long leap from the gay unions now legal in such states as Vermont to the legitimization of gay marriages. Change the fundamental structure of the family, which is the cruci ...

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