by Terry J. Hallock

Getting Back the Life You've Lost
T. J. Hallock
Luke 15:8-10; Revelation 2:2-5a
June 8, 2003

Jesus asks us to suppose a certain woman had ten silver coins and lost one. This would have meant that she originally had approximately ten days wages and had lost one. We are not told how long she had possessed those ten coins, when it was she lost the one, or when she discovered it was missing. She could have just received them or she could have been saving them for a long time. Yet no matter how long she had possessed the coins we do know this. She was highly disturbed at the loss of just one of them for Jesus says that she lit a lamp, swept the house and searched diligently until she found that lost coin.

I don't know what a lost day's wages would mean to you but to this woman and to most of us that is a heavy loss. As it would be with most of us the loss of one day's wages would have probably sent this woman into financial turmoil. She may have her life around how she could use each of those ten coins but with one missing there was a huge hole in her security and her life could have gone spinning out of control. She was desperate to find that coin so she could get her life back.

You may be like that woman. You may not have lost one of ten silver coins but you know that you have lost something. Somewhere along the line the life you once had has come up missing. You know it is so because there is a large black hole of emptiness in your spirit that is literally sucking the love, joy, peace and hope out of you.

It didn't used to be that way. Once you had abundant life. I don't know exactly when you received that abundant life. It may have been early in childhood as faithful parents introduced you to the author of life and to His Son Jesus Christ who said that His very purpose was to give you life and give it to you more abundantly. Or you may have just recently received your "coins" of abundance. Perhaps you've just come to know Jesus as your personal Savio ...

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