by Terry J. Hallock

CPR for Wounded Souls
T. J. Hallock
James 5:13-20
June 1, 2003

The rains began to fall heavily and as the flood waters rose into the first floor of his home the farmer moved as many of his belongings as he could up to the second floor where he also took refuge. As he arrived on the second floor he fell to his knees in prayer. "Lord, I believe that You are my rock and that You will deliver me from this flood. I will wait and trust in You."

Not long after he finished that prayer he heard a voice shouting up to him from the flood waters below. Leaning out the second story window of his home he saw rescue personnel in a boat. One of the men said, "Sir, come and get in the boat and we'll take you to dry land." "Thank you, my brother," replied the farmer. "I am trusting in the Lord to save me." The boat left.

An hour or two later the same boat and the same men came by again. "Sir," they said, "this is the last trip we can make by your home. The flood waters are becoming too dangerous." Now seated on the roof of his home because the waters had already engulfed almost all of his house, the farmer said, "Thank you but I am trusting in the Lord to save me."

Soon the flood waters covered the home completely and the farmer drowned. When he arrived in heaven he asked the Lord, "I prayed to You to save me and yet You let me drown. Why?" "My Son," replied the Lord, "who do you think sent the boat?"

I want to ask the Believers in this place the same question James asked the Believers in his place. "Is any one of you in trouble?" Is there any one here for whom the flood waters are beginning to lap at your feet? Well, God has sent a boat! Jesus said, "In this world you will have trouble, BUT take heart for I have overcome the world." Christians aren't free from trouble but we are free from defeat. We aren't free from pain but we are free from despair. We aren't free from suffering but we are free from hopelessness. "Is any one of you in trouble?" Is any one of yo ...

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