by Steve Wagers

God Heard It The First Time!
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Daniel 10:12

1. I read recently of a man who was charged with stealing a turkey for thanksgiving. He appeared in court and told the judge that his action was an answer to prayer. When the judge asked him to explain, the man said, "Well, judge, it was the night before Thanksgiving, and I didn't have a turkey. I prayed for the Lord to send me one. At midnight I still had no turkey. So then I prayed for the Lord to send me after a turkey. And, He did!"

2. Dr. Howard Hendricks tells of the time when he was a young man, before he was married. He was aware that certain mothers had set their caps for him on behalf of their daughters. One mother even said to him one day, "Howard, I just want you to know that I'm praying that you'll be my son-in-law." Dr. Hendricks stops at that point in the story and says, very solemnly, "Have you ever thanked God for unanswered prayer?"

3. I think of a young seminary student who had just taken his first church. It was a small, rural church that was struggling. He spoke to one his seminary professors one day and said, "I prayed and asked God for a pretty wife and a big church. He almost answered my prayer. He gave me a big wife and a little church!"

4. In Daniel 10: 12, we find Daniel wrestling with God in prayer. He has waited, and waited, and waited for an answer; but, it seems that no answer was to be found. Let's examine this great verse and notice how God proves that He heard Daniel's prayer the first time he prayed. In order to gain a better perspective into the setting of the story, we must consider:


1. The life and times of Daniel were marked by great travail and trouble. He faced untold ridicule, rejection and reproach as a man of God. In fact, the time of Daniel was marked as:

A. A Time of Unspeakable Disregard!

1. As you know, Daniel lived, and prophesied during a time when there was a compl ...

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