by Steve Wagers

A Father Every Family Ought to Find!
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Luke 8:41-56
Father's Day 2003

1. The day we know as Father's Day has a rich and interesting history. In 1909, a lady by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd, a devoted daughter from Spokane, Washington campaigned for a Father's Day celebration after listening to a sermon on the merits of Mother's Day. Her mother had passed away, and her father had served as both a mother and father to his 6 children for 21 years.

2. She is credited with being the driving force behind the holiday. A statewide celebration was proclaimed one-year later in 1910. The date chosen to be her father's birthday was June 5; however, festivities were moved to June 19, the third Sunday of the month, because there was not enough time to prepare. Eventually, annual celebrations were held throughout the United States and Canada, and the holiday was officially recognized by Congress in 1972.

3. An old English proverb states,
"One father is worth more than a hundred schoolmasters."

4. August Strindberg said,
"That is the thankless position of the father: the provider of all and the enemy of all."

5. Cal Farley aptly summarized it,
"A boy is the only thing that God can use to make a man!"

6. Sad to say our day is a day of 'deadbeat Dad's' and failing fathers. Men, who are fathers, have overall shirked their God-given responsibility of being the leaders of their respective homes. In fact, according to a recent George Barna report, last year, 1 out of every 5 homes was maintained by a woman with no father figure present. (1)

7. I recently came across a recent study released from Harvard University. The study interviewed 370 men who had graduated from the university. These men were the 'successes' of our society. Armed with degrees from Harvard, they went out into their respective vocations and succeeded. Yet, many of them were scarred and wounded by fathers who were not there for them emotionally for th ...

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