by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
Acts 17:26

Some have supposed that God originally made an
Asiatic Adam, and a European Adam, and an African
Adam, and an American Adam; but that theory is
entirely overthrown by my text, which says that all
nations are blood relatives, having sprung from one
and the same stock. A difference in climate makes
much of the difference in national temper. An
American goes to Europe and stays there a long
while, and finds his pulse moderating and his temper
becoming more calm. The air on this side the ocean
is more tonic than on the other side. An American
breathes more oxygen than a European. An European
coming to America finds a great change taking place
in himself. He walks with more rapid strides, and
finds his voice becoming keener and shriller. The
Englishman who walks London Strand at the rate of
three miles the hour, coming to America and residing
for a long while here, walks Broadway at the rate of
four miles the hour. Much of the difference between
an American and a European, between an Asiatic and
an African, is atmospheric. The lack of the warm
sunlight pales the Greenlander. The full dash of the
sunlight darkens the negro. Then ignorance or
intelligence makes its impression on the physical
organism. In the one case ignorance flattening the
skull, as with the Egyptian; in the other case
intelligence building up the great dome of the
forehead, as with the German. Then the style of God
that the nation worships decides how much it shall
be elevated or debased; so that those nations that
worship reptiles are themselves only a superior form
of reptile, while those nations that worship the
natural sun in the heavens are the noblest style of
barbaric people. But whatever be the difference of
physiognomy, and whatever the difference of
temperament, the physiologist tells us that after
careful analysis he finds out that the plasma and
the disk in t ...

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