by Jim Henry

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My Father's Place (12 of 12)
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
John 14:1-6; Revelation 21

"Heaven continues to be a fascinating subject to
nearly everyone." This was on the front page of "Time
Magazine." I have a way of buying these when I see
issues like that. This was in 1997. Does heaven
exist? There were several pages in "Time Magazine"
discussing the reality or possibility of heaven in
some people's mind. This past summer the headline on
the cover of "News Week Magazine" read "Visions of
Heaven" with subtitle, "How Views of Paradise Inspire
an Inflame Christians, Muslims, and Jews." Fascinating
how time after time in the American physic, people
think about and wonder about heaven.
An article in the newspaper said nearly nine in
ten Americans are sure they will go to heaven. They
released a poll that found that 67% of Americans
believe that heaven exists. An even larger number,
87%, thought they were likely to enter the pearly
gates. That is interesting that only 67% believe but
87% think they are going to make it. Now I haven't
quite figured that out yet, but I am still working on
it. You have to watch these pollsters. They thought
Mother Theresa was bound to make it according to 97%.
Oprah Winfrey was next with 66%. President Clinton
barely got the nod. Newt Gingrich just got 40%. O.
J. Simpson--only 19% thought he would make it to
heaven. Only 18% thought all their friends would join
them there, though most of them thought they would
make it. Very interesting polls that take place, and
the interest in heaven.
Well, a lot of people and a lot of religions talk
about heaven in one form or the other. Let me just
give you a quick review of some of the different views
of eternal life or heaven or its nonexistence. For
instance, the Jehovah Witnesses believe that there are
144,000 elect who will reign with Christ in heaven and
the rest of the Je ...

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