by Jim Henry

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God's Miracle Book, Part 2 (11 of 12)
Christianity for Dummies
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
Psalms 119:11-16, II Timothy 2:15

How many of you like watermelon? Hold up your
hand if you like watermelon. Have you ever thought
what an amazing thing a watermelon is? That tiny
little seed in a matter of weeks multiplies itself
200,000 times its weight, sucking in sunshine, rain,
soil, and in a few weeks it produces a green covering,
a white rind and red meat. Now, is that a miracle, or
what? Just think about it, and it contains within
itself enough seeds to reproduce itself hundreds of
time again. That's the miracle of the watermelon.
There is another miracle far greater than that.
That is the miracle of this Book. At the World's Fair
in 1939 they buried a capsule and put a lot of
artifacts about that generation. There was one full
volume book that they placed in that capsule and it
was the Word of God. They asked one of the officials,
"Why did you decide to put the Bible in that time
capsule to be opened up 5,000 years from now if Jesus
hasn't returned?" And the man said, "We believed that
it was the one book that was timeless and that it
would connect the past and the present and the
future." We believe that, too.
This morning I want to share a little bit more
about this very special Book. I want to read from
this Bible. This Bible has my name on the front:
James Bascom Henry. Just inside, and it's getting
worn now because it is about 55 years old, it has my
Mother's, Dad's, and little brother's signatures in
it, a lady from China that I had met, the pastor's
wife and my pastor's picture that I pasted inside
along with his signature and II Timothy 2:15. It is a
very special book to me, very special. I don't know
if you still have your first Bible or not, but this
one is very dear to my heart. This morning as we look
at the Word of God, I want to read one of the passages
f ...

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