by Jim Henry

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GOD'S MIRACLE BOOK, Part 1 (10 of 12)
Christianity for Dummies
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
Psalms 119:89-91, II Timothy 3:16

Have you ever seen a book that is a thousand
years of age? If you have it's a rarity. What I am
going to talk about is Latin. Some of you may have
taken Latin in school, been to medical school, or
something. Latin is kind of like that kid who had the
Latin class, and he was so frustrated with it that
when the teacher left, he wrote on the board, "Latin
is a dead language, as dead as it can be. It killed
all the Romans and it's killing me." I think if you
have had any foreign language you probably can
identify with that, but there is a book that is more
than a thousand years of age, and it's the Bible.
How important is the Bible? How important is it
to you? How important is it to me? Some people look
at the Bible as just another book. They say, "Well it
may have some truths in it, it may have some myths in
it, some legends in it and maybe some good ideas for
life," but, they look at it as another book among
books. Some people, even in the church, look at it as
a fairly important book; they see it as a book that
the preacher waves around and lifts up in the air
sometimes. They say, "Well it must be an important
book, the Pastor thinks it is. He talks about it or
from it every week."
Then, there's a third group of people who look at
it in a different way. They feel a little bit like
Sir Walter Scott, a great poet, who on his deathbed
said to his secretary, "Bring me the Book." She said,
"Which book, Sir." He said, "There's only one Book
for the dying and that is the Bible. Bring me the
Book." I would add a little word to that one: "There
is only one Book for the living, and that is the
Now, the Bible is a very popular book. About ten
years ago, and I don't have anything more recent, but
I am sure it is more than that now, nearly ninety

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