by Jim Henry

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Saved and Safe (7 of 12)
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
Hebrews 6:4-6; John 10:27-29

Most of you have heard of Ted Turner. Let me
read a quote from Ted Turner. "I was saved seven or
eight times, but when I lost my faith I felt better
about it." Turner was speaking to a group of
humorists and continued "I was raised in an extremely
religious environment, including six years in a
Christian prep school with Bible training and daily
chapel services and regular meetings with evangelists.
With no other influences in my life at the time, and
the way it was pounded into us so much, I think I was
saved many times." He said, "I even considered
missionary work, but when my sister got sick, I prayed
and nothing happened, of course. When she died, I
couldn't understand why this loving God that I had
heard about would allow someone who was innocent to
suffer. I thought about it and said to myself, "I am
not sure I want any part of this. If God is love and
all powerful, why does He allow all these things to
happen? This interpretation that it is just God's
will, well, I cannot get enthusiastic about that. I
began to lose my faith, and the more I lost it, the
better I felt."
So there you have it. Here is a man who has been
saved seven or eight times, he says, but no one would
accuse him of being a believer today. He represents,
apparently, a lot of those people who at one time said
they were born-again but lost their faith along the
way. So the question before us today is whether the
born-again believer can lose his faith and be lost in
hell forever. If this is true, then what kind of
faith is it that saves? What kind of God is it who
keeps you and then loses you? What does it mean to be
saved and secure? How many sins does it take for a
person to commit and then loose his salvation? Can
you deny your faith, having said once you were born-
again, and still go t ...

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